arc-tech surge protectionAs technology grows and more options are available for remote access and automation, so will the demand for the networks to support such large demands for bandwidth and data. Fiber Optics will be an essential part to any expanding business.

As dynamic as the information technology industry is when it comes to products and needs, these considerations will need to be undertaken when planning and designing installations or expansions to your data network. Remember, the expansion or installation done today will need be ready to handle technology needs for next 30-50 years. For example, on average, a computer or device manufacturer will cease production after only 4 years after initial release. Therefore, support and software will quickly become obsolete within the decade, thus forcing the need to upgrade to newer hardware. Having your network designed properly at the outset will save thousands upon thousands of dollars in maintenance and upgrades each time the technology changes.

Our services include Fiber Network Design, Installation, including aerial lashing, fusion splicing, termination, as well as testing and troubleshooting existing networks. Invest now in the right fiber optic network for your needs, and save $$$ in maintenance and expansion.